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Do you want to lose weight, drop fat and get ripped? But are you tired of ordinary health clubs and gyms? Then maybe you're ready for a brand new challenge… The Fitness Garage.


Taken from my no-frills beginnings in fitness training and love for Muscle Beach in Venice California, the Fitness Garage is a rugged, training environment blending all three of my principles into a different venue:

1. Workout design and training

2. Nutritional support and tools

3. Accountability and evaluations


The difference is the level of training provided.


• In my Main Gym we offer Personal Training - one on one for the most help and fastest

  progress. By appointment, Monday - Friday 5:00am - 7:00pm, Saturday: 6:00am -12:00pm.


• In my Group Gym we offer Group Training - One trainer per approx 5 people for instruction,

  community support and for a moderate level of workout intensity, during group times 6:00am-8am.


• In my Fitness Garage we offer Assisted Training - a watchful eye by a qualified trainer to answer

  questions for all attendees,Monday - Friday: 6:00am - 9:00am & 4:00pm - 7:00pm,

  Saturday: 6:00am - 12:00pm.


Assisted training does not include dedicated class time or individual appointments - it's open training for determined individuals, up to 6-workouts per week!


The Fitness Garage is NOT for everyone!

• It's for people who have a good level of exercise experience and can train mostly on their own.

• It's not for anyone who has orthopedic injuries, shoulder, hips, knees, back, neck etc. I examine and

  approve individuals.

• It's not for people who need air conditioning!

• It has a limit of 100 total clients - no overcrowding or general membership.


In The Fitness Garage, in addition to monthly evaluations and nutritional support we include workout design and one personal training session per month.


If you have interest in seeing if you qualify and pass the orthopedic screening and to find out more about

The Fitness Garage, email call to schedule a time for an evaluation.


Taking new clients - Limit 100 total for Fitness Garage. Make the most of your life… live it fit!


Call 716.633.2030 today!