Spring Clean Diet – FREE Book!

This is the perfect time to lose weight, drop fat and improve your health!

​In the 24-years I’ve been in this industry, I’ve seen more people have greater success at this time of year than any other time – including New Years Resolutions!

By doing simple things, you can dramatically improve your body, health and life.

That is why I created Spring Clean You!


Spring Clean You – FREE digital version!

This is designed to help you Without:

  • Dieting!
  • Starving!
  • Skipping meals!
  • Counting calories!
  • Eat blah tasting diet foods!
  • Or spending hours doing boring exercise!

I’ve created a short quick Kick Start Guide Video explaining how to use this:

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Burn calories and work the core while sitting, using the computer or watching TV.
Get more adventurous and begin doing exercises on it for better result.
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I hope this helps.
​It is my pleasure helping improve your health & fitness!!

Derek Alessi Ph.D

AuthorLose Fat Forever, Bermuda Triangle Diet, Resolution Reset

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Lose weight, drop fat & make the most of your life – for good!

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