Dianne Myers – Mom of (2) – works full-time – drops 31.2%

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#1 challenge people tell me they have is TIME!
Chances are – you’re busy…
And you probably wish you had more time to take care of yourself.
The fact is, if you do it right, you don’t need much time.
Less than 1.7% of the week – is the amount of time I schedule for most of my clients.
This week on TV – Live It Fit NOW! we are working with Dianne (above) with her makeover
  • Mother of two (2) small children
  • Works full time
  • Struggles with her schedule
  • Yo-yo weight loss/gain
Developing a plan with Accountability is the key –  the most important thing if you are looking for better results.
Be accountable for results – Schedule your own Makeover Consultation:
(Already have fitness equipment or belong to a health club – no problem)
I hope this helps.
​It is my pleasure helping improve your health & fitness!!     Derek Alessi Ph.D ​AuthorLose Fat Forever, Bermuda Triangle Diet, Resolution Reset CreatorLive It Fit Blitz – Private Fitness & Fat Loss Consultation – Executive Program USA Today: Health & Fitness Contributor TV : Live It Fit Now! Sunday– ch2 WGRZ NBC, Saturday– ch4 WIVB CBS Office716.633.2030 P.S.  Frustrated about your body or health?  Learn how to optimize it once and for all. Lose weight, drop fat & make the most of your life – for good! Private Fitness & Fat Loss Consultation with Dr. Derek! P.P.S. Remember to watch Live It Fit Now! each Saturday at 630am on WIVB ch4 & Sunday at 6am on WGRZ TV2.

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