About Me

Hi, I’m Derek Alessi and I started in the health and fitness industry back in 1994 as a way to help people lose weight, drop body fat, reduce or eliminate medications and improve the quality of their lives.

Unfortunately, the diet and fitness industry can be confusing and it’s easy to be frustrated with the best place to start or continue your journey towards greater overall health. 

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, healthy or on medications for pre-existing conditions, limited physically or have no restrictions, looking to drop 50 pounds or more or just the last 5-pounds of stubborn fat, I am here to help you – Make the Most of your Life…Live It Fit!

Get Healthy Now!

Clients at Dr. Derek Health and Fitness can choose from private programs, group-based programs, or a combination of both. All clients receive regular body composition measurements and accountability coaching, as well as nutritional counseling.

New clients undergo a private consultation with Dr. Derek to determine what program is the best choice for them.

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You Are Going To Love Buffalo Row!

Buffalo Row is the sister gym to Dr. Derek Health & Fitness and is located right onsite in Building 2.

All clients receive 6 free classes from Buffalo Row per month. Buffalo Row classes combines high intensity cardio and weight training in an interval-style class, using water rowers to exercise large muscles groups with little impact on your joints. Learn More

Strength Genesis Sports Supplements

Strength Genesis is the supplement company co-founded by Dr. Derek Alessi.

Strength Genesis supplements are held to the highest standards and they are what we use ourselves, and recommend to our clients.