Who We Help

The majority of Dr. Derek Clientele is between 40-75 years of age whose health and fitness are important to them.

Do you want to lose weight, drop body fat and improve your health but frustrated and confused at the best place to start?  


Maybe you’ve exercised and dieted before for years and never had lasting success.  

You don’t need another fitness membership, home fitness equipment, diet or a fit bit.  

What you need is a complete program that will help you every step of the way with the management of your fitness, diet and results.  


Most of our clients are well-intended individuals who have tried many times over multiple years to get into and maintain their fitness.  However, they have grown frustrated with inconsistent results and confused with differing information.  As they are growing older, they realize that they are not looking to be an olympic athlete or runway model.  What they are looking for is a way to lose weight, drop body fat, reduce or eliminate medications and improve the quality of life so they can be around for and enjoy the Best Years of their Lives!

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Common Conditions:

Body Composition

Whether you are looking to lose 50-pounds or more or the last 5-lbs of stubborn fat, it is important to you.  Dropping body fat helps to improve energy, blood pressure, blood glucose, health and self-esteem.


Many looking to decrease or eliminate medications: Blood pressure, thyroid, blood sugar, cholesterol, pain and anxiety

Orthopedic Issues

We work to improve shoulders, hips, knees, back, neck or other orthopedic conditions that are either painful or weak.

Who Are We?

Dr. Derek – Alessi Fitness Inc is not a gym or a fitness center.

My business is registered with NYS as (NASIC 621999) as a nutritionist and other Miscellaneous Ambulatory Health Care Services; Physical fitness evaluation services.

I handle corrective exercise design and implementation that allows individuals to increase metabolism without risk of injury. Clients are screened with orthopedic and nerve conduction exams to evaluate protocols, DEXA scans are performed, health history and metabolic panel laboratory reports are required.

We are a private facility, take appointments only and work with a clientele as opposed to membership.

However, I am confident that we have exceeded any recommendation from NY State, CDC or any other jurisdiction.

Many people have already commented that this plan is overkill and unnecessary.  


However, this IS the program where if you have a risk factor or Underlying Condition you MUST attend.

In fact, it is now clear that not attending and working on your health is a huge risk to this virus in both the short-term and the long-term.

I understand that most fitness places, big-box gyms and personal trainers would never go to these extremes.  We are not like most.

 Some people seem to have few worries in regards to COVID and others are extremely apprehensive.

I understand the psychology of both. 

However, I am not a Psychologist.  But as an Exercise Scientist, Nutritionist and fitness enthusiast, can assure you that our facility and protocol are extraordinary.