Derek Alessi, PhD (Dr. Derek™) became interested in the field of fitness training at an early age when he was an obese teenager.  Determined to change his health, body and ultimately his future, he began strength training and developed a system to modify his nutrition.  Derek dropped over 80-pounds in one year and later that same year, he entered his first and only body building contest. Disenchanted with the way body building tends to minimize health and well-being in order to encourage raw size, he left that arena and dedicated his career to helping individuals achieve better health and wellness through a program of planned exercise and practical nutrition. At the age of 19, Derek passed a national fitness certification exam and began his career in personal fitness training.  He furthered his quest for more information through education and received post-graduate degrees in health and physical education as well as a master’s degree in nutrition.

As America’s Premier Health Advocate Dr. Derek’s core belief is that health and fitness are not a result of gimmicks, hype or the latest butt buster. Instead they are achieved by understanding the physiological complexities of the body and the synergistic role that the right kinds of exercise along with supportive nutrition can play in unlocking the healthy body that is inside every one of us.   

Dr. Derek is passionate about body fat reduction, medication reduction and help individuals improve the quality of their lives.  His practices incorporates: glucose, ketone, body fat and deep sleep tracking along with the right kind of diet and intelligent exercise to extend life and improve lifestyle.

Dr. Derek is the author of The Bermuda Triangle Diet (October, 2009 Strategic Publishing), Lose Fat Forever (2003), and The Promise Health and Fitness System (2002 ).  Derek has earned a doctorate degree in health and physical education and a master’s degree in nutrition.  He is also a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) trainer.  He owns and operates Dr. Derek Health & Fitness, a private practice, a personal training facility for adults in East Amherst New York.  He has appeared on over 2100-TV and 400-radio programs throughout the country and has been featured in national print media including Maxim, Burn Fitness for Women and Iron-Man Magazines.

Dr. Derek is a health, fitness and lifestyle contributor for the USA Today and the host of weekly TV show on NBC Cleveland & NBC in Buffalo, New York called Live It Fit Now!  In addition, Dr. Derek conducts regular health and fitness seminars for the health care industry, Fortune 1000 companies, and small businesses where he combines his unique brand of humor, empathy and knowledge to communicate his positive, affirming message:  Make the Most of Your Life… Live It Fit!™

My coaching stages

For 28-years I have helped people lose weight, drop body fat, reduce or eliminate medications and be consistent with their diet and exercise.

In the first part of my career, it was mostly about helping people with weight loss, building lean muscle and getting fit.

The second part of my career was with helping individuals with injuries (knees, back, shoulders) develop the right kind of exercise program.

At the same time, helping people to reduce or eliminate medications with conditions such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, hypothyroid, high cholesterol, heart disease and cancer.

Now I am in the third stage:

In this stage, it includes everything from stages one and two of my career, plus immune system and living your optimal healthy life.

On the heels of Covid-19, adults are even more concerned than ever about the integrity of their immune system.  People don’t need another Fit-bit, starvation diet or home exercise equipment.  What they need is a plan that follows proven principles that is followed with consistency and accountability.

Getting fit and in shape over age 45 doesn’t need to be so difficult!

You don’t need another Fit-Bit, iWatch or Home Fitness equipment.

Take the guesswork out of the health & fitness process with Active Management by Dr. Derek Alessi.

Step One:

Initial Consultation

Dr. Derek evaluates your health history, goals (weight loss, fat reduction and strength), nutrition and percentage of body fat to determine your exercise prescription.

Step Two:

Skeletal System Alignment

Your muscular and skeletal systems are assessed and your workout program is designed to re–align your body. This will reduce the affects of age related joint and muscle pain.

Glazed Salmon - Step 3

Step Three:


Dr. Derek designs a customized nutritional program for each client based upon their needs and goals.

Step Four:

Customized Workouts

Once your individualized workout plan is designed, you will workout in our new, private training facility under the direct instruction of an experience certified personal trainer.

Step Five:


Your progress will continuously be measured and re–assessed every 2 to 4 weeks to ensure you are meeting your goals.

Pillar 1: 

The Right Exercise

The Right Exercise – Designed to improve metabolism so that you can burn more calories 24 hours a day. In less than 1.6% of the entire week, turn your body into a fat-burning machine. However, it must be designed properly around orthopedic issues: Shoulders, back, hips, knees, neck, feet and more. Otherwise, the risk of pain and injury is too great, and long-term success will be difficult.

Pillar 2: 

The Right Diet

The Right Diet – It’s not about starving, severe calorie deprivation or radical trends. It’s about eating the right foods to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels low. This will decrease inflammation and body fat in your body.

Pillar 3: 

Active Accountability

Active Accountability – Consistency is key. Like brushing your teeth and flossing (can’t just do it the day before the dentist). Good Intentions – we all have good intentions and I don’t doubt that you want to improve. Without a trackable program, it makes any results difficult. Like Grade School – you need guidance and coaching. Just as a 3rd grader cannot walk into a school and give themselves a proper education, it’s difficult if not impossible to do it with your health and fitness.

Your progress will continuously be measured and reassessed every 3 to 4 weeks to ensure you are meeting your goals. This will include office visits with follow-up DEXA scans to asses: body fat percentage, pounds of fat weight, pounds of water weight, bone density, and nutritional trend line analysis. This is the heart of the Dr. Derek Alessi Fit program and the key to long-term success. It is included with every program.