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Do you take Insurance
We currently take HSA, FSA, Activity & Wellness cards. We DO NOT accept medical Insurance.
Dr. Derek will perform a health history, body composition scan, skeletal evaluation and nutritional evaluation.  From there, you will express your goals and Dr. Derek will provide recommendations. Click Here
After the evaluation if both you and Dr. Derek think it's a good fit and decided to work together, Dr. Derek works with people in many ways.  All programs include workout design, nutritional education and accountability with evaluations to track success.
Exercise is one of the three pillars of Dr. Derek's program and the one where there are multiple options. After a workout protocol and frequency is established based upon goals and orthopedic limitations, Dr. Derek will recommend workout frequency. We minimally meet with out clientele 1x/wk and up to 6/wk and offer many different options and iterations from private training, group training and home based training and a hybrid combination of multiple.
Dr. Derek is not the right fit for everyone.  While clients range in age from 10 to 97 years old, the majority are between 40 to 75 years old.  He only works with people who are serious about improving.  There are commitments to this program: time, financial and desire.  Dr. Derek is thoughtful with who he takes on as a client and the individual needs to be capable behaviorally and economically.   With a 25 +-year track record and 97-percent success rate, Dr. Derek expects progress and individuals to do well.
Many people are looking to lose weight, drop body fat, reduce or eliminate medications, improve energy and improve their health and quality of life.  The reality is that it's frustrating and confusing as to where to start and the best options for long term success.  Dr. Derek's goals are:clarity, simplify and help people with lasting success consistently.
Yes.  Many adults have chronic pain or injury.  And the best treatment is two-fold: 1) perform a skeletal alignment evaluation to make sure the wrong exercises are avoided.  2) Design a new workout program to strengthen imbalances so the individual is in less pain and also, less likely to re-inure.