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Keto is taking the diet world by storm as the latest easy path to weight loss. Next year, it will probably be something else. The truth is, all diets work if you stick with them, at least for the short term. The problem is, sticking with a restrictive diet usually proves difficult over the long term, and can even be harmful. Most people tend to gain back most, if not all, of the weight they lose as soon as they quit dieting. Some even end up heavier than they were before they started dieting, a result of having lowered their body’s metabolism.

Dr. Derek Alessi – Buffalo, NY

Dr. Derek Alessi takes a more holistic approach to weight loss, focusing on overall fitness as opposed to tracking numbers on a scale. An overall fitness plan, according to Dr. Alessi, should take into account the needs of each individual and should include education, exercise tailored to one’s level of ability, and an eating plan that is much more than a diet. He offers individual consultations designed to identify one’s current level of fitness, determine one’s fitness goals, and develop a plan that will reach those goals safely, without extreme dieting or exercise.

Dr. Alessi (known to his clients as Dr. Derek), has devoted his career to health and fitness. Receiving his certification as a fitness trainer at the age of 19, Dr. Derek holds a master’s degree in nutrition and Ph.D. in health and physical education. The author of three best-selling books on diet and nutrition, Dr. Derek regularly contributes to USA Today and conducts fitness seminars for many Fortune 1000 companies, small businesses, and other health care professionals.

Alessi Fit – Fitness Program Review

Dr. Derek’s fitness program incorporates both diet and exercise and teaches clients how to eat the right foods to fuel the bodies, reduce overall body fat, and build lean muscle. Don’t expect a crash diet that promises unrealistic weight loss with no effort. Dr. Derek will tell you that true fitness does involve some effort, especially when one must break a lifetime of bad habits. Read Dr. Alessi reviews on the website at  https://alessifit.com/,   and see what some of his clients have to say about his unique program. You can also tune in to his weekly TV program on NBC in Cleveland or Buffalo, “Live It Fit Now!”  for recipe ideas, health and fitness tips, and success stories from his clients.

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