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Need to Get Fit Now?

We have all done it – starved ourselves to lose a few pounds before the high school reunion, spent hours in the gym to be able to fit into that dress,  maybe even considered invasive liposuction to get rid of love handles before some important event. Losing weight quickly, if done the wrong way, can lead to even greater weight gain later on. Participants in popular television weight loss programs have often reported gaining all of their weight back after they inevitably had to quit the intensive routine of strict diet and exercise and return to their normal lives.

Alessi Fitness

Dr. Derek Alessi, the owner of Alessi Fitness and creator of the Live it Fit program, has developed a Live it Fit Blitz that transforms his clients’ bodies in just 12 weeks. Clients who are looking to shape up for an event, take off those last stubborn 5-10 pounds, or just get a jump start on a healthier lifestyle will love the Live it Fit Blitz.  Unlike other “crash” diet and exercise programs, Dr. Derek’s program is designed to deliver fast results that will last for a lifetime.

Focusing on lifestyle changes rather than restrictive diets, Dr. Derek teaches his clients how to reach and maintain a healthy weight by eating a variety of foods. It is unrealistic to maintain a diet that completely eliminates or restricts certain categories of foods, so Dr. Derek’s healthy eating plan is designed to incorporate foods that people actually enjoy and that just happens to be good for them.

Dr. Derek’s program also teaches his clients how to make the most of their workouts. More is not always better when it comes to exercising – you can accomplish more in less time if you know how to do it.

Who is Dr. Derek?

Dr. Derek Alessi has earned a master’s degree in nutrition, and a Ph.D. in health and physical education. He is the author of several books on the subject of nutrition and weight loss and is a regular contributor to USA Today. He brings a lifetime of education and experience to his business and is passionate about teaching his clients how to break the cycle of dieting, gaining, and dieting, once and for all.

Sign Up Now

Have a special event coming up and want to look your best? Maybe you’re just ready to make a change and want to see fast results. You can sign up for the Dr. Derek’s  Live it Fit Blitz by visiting his website at https://alessifit.com, call 716-633-2030, or visit his office at 6215 Transit Road, East Amherst, NY 14051.