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Alessit Fit
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 by Terry Butcheri
You Can Learn New Tricks

I have exercised my whole life and at the door of 70 I thought I knew all i needed to know. However, I thought I was cursed to live with the love handles and stomach fat that come with age. Imagine my delightful surprise when instructed by Dr. Derek on proper nutrition and receiving great instruction from his staff in the gym I lost 17 pounds of fat in my first month. Three months after I started that's now a total of 27 pounds of fat. All I can say is I'm a believer.

 by Barbara Stearns
Getting Fit with Dr Derek and his Team!

I had my Ah-Ha moment the end of January 2020 . I decided to get serious about my health. I wasn't satisfied with my weight or how I was feeling . I exercised daily and wasn't getting the results I desired. I sat down at my computer and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Derek. I knew about Alessi Fitness, as Dr. Derek was on our local news and my husband had personal success a few years ago. I was in awe after my initial consultation. I discovered that I really wasn't eating the right foods or exercising properly. I had my first scan since the initial consultation and I am very happy to say that I lost 9 pounds of fat and 6 pounds of weight in the first month! Unbelievable! So if you have the drive and the determination to look and feel better, Dr. Derek and his team are the ones who can help you - help yourself- to a better way of living!

 by Kathy Knoll

The group workout at 6 am was perfect for me. Miranda and Sarah helped me modify and the pace was less strenuous for me.
I appreciate all the considerations you all have provided!!

 by Mary Oshei
I need this

My initial consultation was so informative - at 63 and after dieting since 6th grade I had lots of old information clogging my mind. I don't know how or why but Dr. Derek motivated me to actually get up way early to work out and to finally quit my sugar habit/addiction. But he did. I guess I need the constant attention and checking up on me to do it. I highly recommend Dr. Derek and his team.

 by Joan Williams

Started with Alessi Fitness on 2.4.20

I am a diabetic and as such have issues keeping my blood sugar managed.. I would like to eventually reduce the amount of medication I am on to control my blood sugar.. at diagnosis I had an A1C of 12.3 and blood sugar of 400!
I have been struggling on my own and DR Derek gave me diet recommendations.. when I started on 2.4 even with meds the best I could get my blood sugar down to was 149 fasting..
Today I was at 96 in only 3weeks!

My scale weight today was down 14 lbs again since 2.4.20.

I have a long way to go, but
I am very encouraged !

Also love the two trainers I have Alyssa and Carl ! They do
A Great job! They are both a pleasure to work with!!