About Alessi Fitness

Stop dieting, start living: That is the message Dr. Derek Alessi (Dr. Derek) shares with the world. Instead of trying one fad diet after another, just to be disappointed, Dr. Derek believes in teaching his clients a healthy way of living that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The problem with most diets is that, eventually, people quit them. Unless one has learned how to eat well without being on a special diet, all of that lost weight, and maybe even more, will come back. According to Dr. Derek, true, lifelong weight loss is possible if you just forget dieting and start eating well.

About Alessi Fitness Center

Dr, Derek brings a lifetime of education and experience to his business. Certified as a fitness trainer at just 19 years of age, he earned his master’s degree in nutrition and his Ph.D. in health and physical education. He currently runs a health and personal fitness center in New York where he focuses on personalized fitness programs for each individual’s needs. His fitness programs are designed to teach both healthy eating and exercise for his clients’ individual needs and abilities. Not everyone has to train for a marathon, but, with Dr. Derek’s program, it is not out of the question.

Individuals looking to get healthy can take advantage of Dr. Derek’s expertise in several ways. First, you can check out his books, The Bermuda Triangle Diet, The Promise: Fat loss and Fitness System, or Lose Fat Forever. You can tune into his weekly feature on Channel 2 News in Buffalo, New York, Dr. Derek. You can sign up for a personal consultation and fitness evaluation. You may even be fortunate enough to attend one of the many health and fitness seminars he offers to large companies and small businesses. Sign up for the Personal Chef service and have your healthy meals chosen just for you, prepared by a professional chef, and delivered to you! No more counting calories, points, carbs, or anything else – just good food made with fresh ingredients and designed to help you reach your fitness goals.

Before doing any of that, listen to what some of his clients have to say about him and his program. Listen to reviews of Dr. Derek’s programs on YouTube or here: https://alessifit.com/makeovers/. Learn how his clients have been able to overcome illness and injury and begin a journey toward a lifetime of health and fitness.