Healthy Quiche Recipe That You Will Love

Quiche. A funny word but good food. Especially for losing weight and dropping body fat.

The definition of Quiche is a French Tart:

Consisting of pastry crust filled with savory custard and pieces of cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables. Quiche flavor is versatile and if you can imagine it, you can probably make it! The best-known variant is quiche Lorraine. Some recipes call for items such as goat cheese, bell peppers, green onion and many more. The possibilities are really endless. Feel free to experiment with your own healthy fillings. Also, Quiche can be served hot or cold. This makes it easy to take for on-the-go meals or enjoy right at home. 

Clearly, pastry crust or pie crust is not something that will help us lose weight, drop body fat and improve our health. But, what if it’s not needed? Good news! Crust is not needed! In fact, since there is no crust, this is gluten free and you can make this recipe in a pie pan or even in a muffin tin for delicious mini quiches.  

Delicious, but is this easy? Of course. You can do this is a few easy steps. Preheat oven, mix eggs, heavy cream (yum!), one cup of cheese (double yum! ) and salt and pepper with large bowl whisk, cut up or shred ingredients, put them in pan, pour the egg mixture on top, and bake. In about 45 minutes you will be able to enjoy. 

This crustless quiche recipe, along with other fat-dropping delicious meals and snacks, are available in my book Cooking with Gold – by Derek Alessi Ph.D.

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Not only is this wonderfully delicious, it will help you with your diet! Low carbs = Low Insulin =

  • Weight/Fat Loss
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • More Energy
  • Lower Blood Glucose
  • Better Thyroid Function
  • Less Inflammation
  • Less Joint Pain
  • Stronger Immune System
  • And More!

 Furthermore, this meal hunts – any day, any time!


For the pan, don t forget to spray it with SG 100% Cold-Pressed Macadamia Nut Oil.  You don’t have to compromise great taste for diet approved foods!Enjoy!

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