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My Daily Routine to Reduce Stress and Lose Weight PM

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Today is another new day to improve your immune system. Time to set the tone and do what’s right for you. I’ve been asking for clients to send me questions and pictures.  Many have – Keep them coming: Here’s one that I received yesterday: Good evening Dr Derek ! First I hope this finds you and your family […]

3 Tips & 10 Home Workouts to Improve Immune System & Reduce Stress

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I know it’s been a big week in the news: more controversy, more infections, more death, more fear, more restrictions, a $2 trillion stimulus package and a long list of questions and worries. People are stressed and scared.  It’s natural. However, how we deal with it is everything. While there are many strategies (probably too many to […]

New Study: Fish Oil & Depression

Fish Oil benefits: Improved Heart Health (We’ve known this for decades.) Improved Blood Pressure & Diabetes (We’ve known this for years.) Reduced Body Fat (We learned this recently.) Improved Depression Symptoms (We JUST learned this!) Study published last week in World Psychiatry revealed: The strongest evidence of supplements having positive effects on mental health was for omega-3s, taken […]

2020 Top 3 Fitness Tips

1. Routine How do you: Lose weight Become fit Improve health Increase energy  Decrease medications (if any)? Well, there is no one answer…. But there is one common theme – “Routine” Look at the graphic above – the #1 routine for BOTH genders is exercise (especially women) For some, that word sounds boring and painful. But it […]

No Drift Zone

While I encourage fitness and proper eating EVERY Day, I can understand that for many, yesterday may have been less than perfect – and that’s okay – even for high achievers. However, high achievers in any discipline (academics, career, athletics, fitness) differ from everyone else in one key area – they don’t let themselves DRIFT too long. They are not […]