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Embracing Sustainability: Here’s How

Strength Genesis is Embracing Sustainability and Here’s How We hit a milestone and wanted to share a quick message with you. In the picture above, our found Derek Alessi Ph.D is posing next to the bottle filling station which is located in our Main facillty (blue-light enhancing glasses not required.) A bottle filling station is […]

Forget Abs and Cardio!

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The Secret to Determining Your Health While many people exercise working their abs, arms and chest, there is one form of strength above all that will determine so much of your health, disease and the rate that you will age:  It’s Your Grip Strength The following video discusses the importance on your grip strength. Please […]

Break the Lazy Holiday Week with these weight loss and fitness tips!

For many people, this is a ‘Lazy Week.’ I get it. The rationale is understandable and predictable: It’s the Holidays Work is either low key, part-time or off entirely School (even Remote Schooling) is off There is no overwhelming direction to this week. Consequently, the idea of hanging out in P.J.’s all day and eating […]

The Most Important Day of 2021 for Your Fitness and Weight

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. It was well-deserved and within a year like none other in our lifetimes. As we pivot and move on to considerably better times, I would like nothing more than for you to have a FRESH START with an amazingly healthy and fit 2021. My gift to you as […]

Sleep & Willpower: Master Both in 5 Easy Steps

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Hopefully you are enjoying better sleep with each and every day. Yes there are many factors: Stress Light Mood Noise Temperature Bedding Pillows But the #1 factor regarding sleep (over 85%) is your nutrition!! In case you missed the earlier lessons, here they are again Deep Sleep pt 1 -Tom Brady’s Pj’s (in New England)Deep Sleep pt 2 – […]