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Drinking Black Ants – That Sounds Crazy!

Updated for 2022 Drinking Blank Ants?Does that sound crazy?Why would someone consider drinking Black Ant powder?What are the benefits and [...]

Add This Oil to Your Drink for Fat Loss and Brain Power!

Supercharge your brain, body and belly! You may have noticed a NEW oil on the [...]

When to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

When is the best time to take ACV? A number of clients asked me this [...]

Apple Cider Vinegar to Stop the Bloat

I hope you enjoyed the Super-Bowl yesterday! I believe we all thought it would have [...]

Healthy Quiche Recipe That You Will Love

Quiche. A funny word but good food. Especially for losing weight and dropping body fat. [...]

Pill that improves Mood and helps fat loss

Watch out for SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder A mood disorder characterized by depression that occurs [...]