Monthly Archives: May 2020

Office Pancakes

How do you feel about Office Pancakes? I guess you could also make them at [...]

The 48 Hour Rule

Many clients have heard me profess about the 48-hour rule.  And it was also intended around losing [...]

Home Workout Series: Farmers Walk & Carry Workout

Farmers Walk & Carry  Want to get something more out of plain walking? Nothing is wrong with [...]

Home Workout Series: Kettlebell DETOX WORKOUT

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! Now, just in case you didn’t [...]

Grilled Greek Chicken Skewers

Happy Friday! I was thinking about this weekend being Mother’s Day and was looking for [...]

Home Exercise Series: Outdoor Workout

Use whatever equipment you can. Yes, you bring weight outside. But if you don’t have [...]

My kids love this and call it “Daddy Pizza”

Happy Tuesday! We’re still chugging along!!! More workouts, recipes and motivation are coming your way….. [...]

Home Workout Series: Landmine Twist & Press

I hope you had a wonderful and HEALTHY weekend! Time to get back to work [...]

More Heart Attacks Occur on Mondays!

More heart attacks occur on Monday.  In fact, more than the rest of the week [...]

Fish Friday Spicy Shrimp and Fat Loss!

Happy Friday! It sure seems that we’re getting closer to being able to return back [...]