Home Workout Series: Kettlebell DETOX WORKOUT


I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

Now, just in case you didn’t follow the Mother’s Day Gameplan perfectly, you might be in need of a body DETOX.

I want to just address the workout portion of DETOX today with a different type of training. 

You can do these independently or part of your bigger customized workout.

Kettlebell 30-30 for 12 Minutes

If you’re looking for some fat dropping results, then try “spiking” your metabolism and fat burning potential with 12 minutes of swings.

Try 30 seconds of swings with 30 seconds of rest for 12 rounds. gaminator 777: ingyen nyerőgépek, kaszinó, játékok

I got this idea based upon a National Institutes of Health Study

The acute hormonal response to the kettlebell swing exercise

The study used a 16kg kettlebell (about 35 pounds) for all participants, but pick a weight that is challenging but also one you can handle. 

In case you do not have a heavy enough kettlebell, increase the time to 45 seconds of swings with 45 seconds of rest for 12 rounds.

A few notes:

  1. I am wearing a disposable KN95 protective mask during this workout.  I am doing so to get use to wearing one for longer durations of time. I believe mask wearing will be required for all public places and good practice in keeping everyone safe. gaminator kalandtúra
  2. I am wearing my customary BLUE light glasses. gaminator hack mod apk   I train with them on every day.  The concentration of blue light wakes me up faster in the morning.

Keep it going!!

Every little bit helps!!!!

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Strength Genesis

I hope these ideas and resources bring you value and insight during this critical time in history.

Please do your part in setting a positive tone during this time. 

Please stay safe, wash your hands, choose to develop more skill and insight, and care for those you love and yourself.

I hope this helps.  

It is my pleasure helping improve your health & fitness!!

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