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Taste buds are different for obese vs non obese!

The End of Overeating In The End of Overeating, Dr. David Kessler writes about hyper-palatable [...]

What’s the best bread alternative?

Coconut Wraps Many people looking to lose weight and drop body fat are looking for [...]

Is It Okay To Eat Crackers If They Are Made From Seeds And Arrowroot like Top Seedz?

Let’s Take A Look At Top Seedz Crackers and See How They Impact My Blood [...]

Protein Balancing

Protein Balancing Scientist Paul Arciero and his team are big fans of “protein balancing” – [...]

Does caffeine and pre-workout work for fat loss?

When Someone Is Staring Off… or reintroducing low-carb/low insulin eating, they will oftentimes complain of [...]

The Special Turkey & Veggie Omelet

Looking for a delicious breakfast that will help you burn more all day long? Good [...]

Characteristics Of Chronic Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic, metabolic disease characterized by elevated levels of blood glucose (or blood sugar), [...]

The World’s Healthiest Salad

I recently reviewed from T.C. Luoma at T-Nation what has got to be the smartest, most nutritious, [...]

What Percentage of Americans Are Healthy?

If You Had to Guess…What Percentage of Americans Do You Think Are Physically Healthy?  What [...]

Which Oil Is Healthiest For Cooking?

Which Oil Is Healthiest For Cooking? I Love Experiments Check out this cooking demonstration that I [...]