Characteristics Of Chronic Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic, metabolic disease characterized by elevated levels of blood glucose (or blood sugar), which leads over time to serious damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, liver and nerves – according to the World Health Organization.

Bad News… 52 percent (more than 1/2) of adults in the US are now diabetic or pre-diabetic.

Now, I am going to be the first to tell you there is no magic pill, drug or supplement that will change this.

Drugs that either help the production of insulin or are direct injectable insulin, will eventually lead to hypoglycemia, bad glucose control and body fat gain. 

They will only prolong the problem.

Long-Term Solution

*It is important to change your diet to something lower glycemic (fewer bad carbs and sugars) along with dropping body fat.

What about all the damage that is done to the blood vessels and nerves?

Good News, is there is new evidence that Omega-3 fats found in Fish Oil can help repair the vessel walls once lifestyle has been improved.

However, the fish oil must be:

  • Deep water sourced from the Northern Atlantic
  • Have at least 40% DHA to EPA fats
  • Be cold-processed so that the Omega Fats are still potent

In other words, it must be pharmaceutical grade, prescription strength fish oil.

Well over 95 percent of the fish oil on the market fails to meet this definition.

If you have an accommodating doctor and really good medical insurance, consider going for prescription Lovaza

However, it will still cost you upwards of $450 per bottle.

If prescription fish oil isn’t an option, then use Omega-3 Pharmaceutical-grade, prescription-strength by Strength Genesis.

It uses the same molecular distillation process as the prescription brands and 4 capsules will give you approximately the same amount of omega-3s as four capsules of Lovaza at about 1/6th the price.

Since I personally do not qualify for prescription fish oil and furthermore, my high deductible insurance plan won’t cover it, I created Omega-3.

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