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Home Workout Series: 4 Slam Ball Exercises to Lose Weight and Improve Strength

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4 Slam Ball Exercises for more strength and weight loss!  It seems as though I have an anger management issue with SLAMMING. I think on some days I might, but luckily not today… It’s time for a slam ball workout. This is a cool series of exercises to do with a SLAM ball. The goal is to get […]

Sleep & Willpower: Master Both in 5 Easy Steps

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Hopefully you are enjoying better sleep with each and every day. Yes there are many factors: Stress Light Mood Noise Temperature Bedding Pillows But the #1 factor regarding sleep (over 85%) is your nutrition!! In case you missed the earlier lessons, here they are again Deep Sleep pt 1 -Tom Brady’s Pj’s (in New England)Deep Sleep pt 2 – […]

Quarantine “COVID-15” (Not a Joke)

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Individuals that are attempting to improve their health in an organized and safe manner should be allowed to do so. I’m struggling to see the humor. Social media is abuzz with references and jokes about the COVID-15 or Quarantine-15, whatever they want to call it. I believe the movement started innocently as self-deprecating humor, poking fun […]