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Why Grass Fed and NO FEEDLOTS for your protein!

Grass-Fed – Why now more than ever for the immune system. There has been much progress among protein powders that I have witnessed over the past 27-years, and all for the good.  After all, the word Protein translates in Greek to – Prime or First Importance.   Therefore, it is important to make protein as good as […]

21 Best Keto Protein, Fats, Carbs

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With many people either having gained weight during COVID or just maintaining higher weight/fat than they desire, I wanted to re-share my 21 Best Keto Foods. Now, I don’t teach Keto. It’s too difficult and unnecessary. Furthermore, anyone who tells me they are starting Keto, usually tells me they have quit Keto within a few weeks. There […]

48-hour Rule (fat loss & wellness)

48-hour Rule  I might use this rule more than all others.  Here’s the deal: Clients mention to me that they sometimes ‘struggle’ with their diets. Struggle is code word for eating poorly for an extended period of time. Especially regarding carbs (simple and complex sugars) Sweets Pasta Ice cream Cereal Alcohol Bread Crackers/Pretzels Pizza My clients know […]

Ages 40 to 65: #1 Fitness TIP

What are your goals? Lose weight? Become fit and healthy? Reduce and/or eliminate medications? Alleviate pain? Live the life with the energy that you want? All of the above? While there is no one cure for results, there is one common theme – “Routine” For some, that word sounds boring and painful. But it doesn’t have to be. Brushing your teeth is […]