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New Study: Fish Oil & Depression

Fish Oil benefits: Improved Heart Health (We’ve known this for decades.) Improved Blood Pressure & Diabetes (We’ve known this for years.) Reduced Body Fat (We learned this recently.) Improved Depression Symptoms (We JUST learned this!) Study published last week in World Psychiatry revealed: The strongest evidence of supplements having positive effects on mental health was for omega-3s, taken […]

Impossible Burger Review & Fat Loss

The Impossible Meat – the big hype all over the media.  Burger King Little Caesars White Castle Dunkin Donuts Tim Horton’s Even the grocery store. So is this just a clever way to be healthy and get more veggies into your diet? Yes and no. Let me explain…. Yes, these meat-substitute products will increase veggies into your diet: Potatoes […]

Diet Cheat Sheet – Keto vs. Paleo vs. Intermittent Fasting

Which Diet is BEST for you? There are so many diets available, to decide which one is most suitable can be confusing.   Do you have goals to: Lose weight? Drop Body Fat? Improve strength? Decrease pain and injury? Reduce or eliminate medication? All of the above and more? It’s more than just a trendy diet […]

Say Goodbye to Heartburn & Hello to Fat Loss

*This is a message created for my private clients but since it pertains to so many people, I wanted to share it with everyone! It’s not uncommon when someone starts our program one of the conditions they are medicated for is acid reflux/heartburn/GERD. For many years, common treatment was to take an antacid and avoid […]

Pat Mathews (Pat (48) weight loss roller coaster finally ended! )

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Pat Mathews – Like many, got busy exercised less and gain weight as he entered his 40s. Knowing that he needed to do something ablout it, hiot the gym, changed his diet and got accountable with great success. However, figuring he could do it on his own, dropped the accountability portion of his system and […]