Pizza, Wine, Ice Cream & Weight Loss

Good news, there is a time and place that you can still drop body fat and enjoy

  • Wine
  • Pizza
  • Ice cream

It can’t be every day but if done properly, it can still fit into your weekly diet.

Now for sleep… Take a look at the screen shot above and guess which night I had wine? Not hard to tell…. If you guessed Saturday you are right! 

Good news: You can overcome some alcohol, carbs, sugars without gaining body fat if it’s only once per week. 

Bad News:

  • Heart rate increased 12-15 beat per minute! (5400 more beats per night!)
  • Internal temperature increased so Deep Sleep was prevented
  • More time awake tossing & turning each night
  • Feel tired and NOT well rested the next day
  • More pressure on the heart
  • Decreased mood and energy
  • Gain of Body fat and weight!

And it’s not just wine or alcohols…..it’s also pizza, sweets, popcorn, chips etc.

I have spent the last 30-months studying and tracking sleep. You can see below I track my sleep in many ways:

  • Fit Bit – Basic tracking
  • Sonar system – to record movement and respiration at a higher level
  • EEG – Electroencephalography to to record activity of the brain at the highest level

And improved sleep quality goes hand in hand with losing weight, dropping body fat and being fit.

Not all sleep is the same:

  • Unfortunately, most adults spend 50% or more of their time in light sleep, which is not good for sleep quality.
  • Deep sleep is needed for muscles to repair, the heart to be healthy and increase metabolism to name a few.
  • REM sleep (part of deep sleep) is needed for long term memory retention and prevention of memory based diseases.

And the biggest impact on sleep?

  1. Daily nutrition
  2. Total body fat percentage
  3. Exercise 

This is a huge topic that I discuss with my clients during my sleep clinic sessions which we include in our fitness system process.

If you want to explore the impact of sleep quality, diet, weight loss, injury – Now is the time:

  1. Evaluate a starting point
  2. Determine injuries, limitations and level
  3. Design a BLUEPRINT (diet & exercise)
  4. Practice consistency
  5. Track Progress

Learn More for lasting success

This IS the best time of year for adults to get into shape – not January resolutions

My Clients:

They range in age from 8-94 years old, however the majority are (40-75 years old).

Many work full-time, are busy & have tried many things (health clubs, diets, trainers, home equipment) to lose weight & get healthy – with little progress and no lasting results. Most want to drop fat, improve health & get fit with lasting success.  This year can be your best year ever – if you do the right things!

 It’s not about:

  • Starving
  • Health clubs
  • Counting calories
  • Home fitness equipment

It is about:

  • Intelligently planing the right exercise
  • Eating Nutritious foods
  • Accountability with consistency

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