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Mary Friona-Celani (Mother of 4, former TV anchor, Blogger gets in shape for good)

Mary Friona – Has spent a lot of time both in front and behind a [...]

Jenny Smith (Getting fit on a busy schedule)

Jenny Smith – Mother of two, works full-time as a school teacher. Watch as she [...]

Kathy Rosenhaun (Decided there is always time to improve as she approached 70!)

Kathy Rosenhaun – Doesn’t want to hear that fitness is only a young person’s game. [...]

Dianne Myers – Mom of (2) – works full-time – drops 31.2%

  show 19 makeover #1 challenge people tell me they have is TIME! Chances are [...]

Amy Graff (overcoming set backs)

Two (2) time cancer survivor, major car accident and Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), Amy has not [...]

Gabrielle Walters (Ms. America Diet)

Miss America Workout Health, Energy, Shape! Miss America contestants need to be fit. online nyerogepes [...]

Michelle Moffit – (50) now 35 – drops 38.1%

  Michelle (50) – looks 35 How would you like to look younger? How about [...]