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Forget Abs and Cardio!

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The Secret to Determining Your Health While many people exercise working their abs, arms and chest, there is one form of strength above all that will determine so much of your health, disease and the rate that you will age:  It’s Your Grip Strength The following video discusses the importance on your grip strength. Please […]

Break the Lazy Holiday Week with these weight loss and fitness tips!

For many people, this is a ‘Lazy Week.’ I get it. The rationale is understandable and predictable: It’s the Holidays Work is either low key, part-time or off entirely School (even Remote Schooling) is off There is no overwhelming direction to this week. Consequently, the idea of hanging out in P.J.’s all day and eating […]

The Most Important Day of 2021 for Your Fitness and Weight

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. It was well-deserved and within a year like none other in our lifetimes. As we pivot and move on to considerably better times, I would like nothing more than for you to have a FRESH START with an amazingly healthy and fit 2021. My gift to you as […]

Ages 40 to 65: #1 Fitness TIP

What are your goals? Lose weight? Become fit and healthy? Reduce and/or eliminate medications? Alleviate pain? Live the life with the energy that you want? All of the above? While there is no one cure for results, there is one common theme – “Routine” For some, that word sounds boring and painful. But it doesn’t have to be. Brushing your teeth is […]

Younger and thinner….

Younger and thinner – sounds like a dream…. However, unlike fairy-tales, this dream can come true to a certain extent. Muscle tissue is the fountain of youth! The powerhouse of Muscle = Mitochondria  It’s no mystery that we lose muscle tissue when we age. Women hit a genetic muscle peak between 18-23 years of age. […]

Get more out of every workout!

If fat-dropping is your goal, it’s best to exercise before you eat. It will help to produce more ketones in the liver and burn more fat during the workout. Now that doesn’t mean you can only consume water before you exercise.  You could also consume black coffee or black tea. In fact, in doing so, you’ll accomplish a few […]

Home Workout Series: 4 Slam Ball Exercises to Lose Weight and Improve Strength

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4 Slam Ball Exercises for more strength and weight loss!  It seems as though I have an anger management issue with SLAMMING. I think on some days I might, but luckily not today… It’s time for a slam ball workout. This is a cool series of exercises to do with a SLAM ball. The goal is to get […]

Home Workout Series: Farmers Walk & Carry Workout

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Farmers Walk & Carry  Want to get something more out of plain walking? Nothing is wrong with just plain walking but let’s face it, it’s not good at burning calories, dropping body fat or getting rid of Underlying Conditions like Metabolic Syndrome. But what if there was a way to walk and do more, such as: Burn 300 to […]