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Home Exercise Series: Legs & Core

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Please watch video message above.  I wanted to address a few things regarding your health, immune system and overall shape. It’s ironic, before the Covid-19 Pandemic, many people thought society was drifting away from personal relationships and more into digital experiences.  People were spending more time disconnected from direct human interaction and more time on phones and digital devices.  […]

3 Tips & 10 Home Workouts to Improve Immune System & Reduce Stress

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I know it’s been a big week in the news: more controversy, more infections, more death, more fear, more restrictions, a $2 trillion stimulus package and a long list of questions and worries. People are stressed and scared.  It’s natural. However, how we deal with it is everything. While there are many strategies (probably too many to […]

Are You a Fitness Snacker?

There’s nothing wrong with a snack – especially a healthy one. It can provide energy, regulate your mood and sustain you until a meal. But ‘Fitness Snacking’? It’s where individuals nibble many different types of workouts, equipment, diets, fit bits, etc. In fact, the statistics show that: 72% of Americans have home fitness equipment, a […]

New Study: Exercising Before Breakfast Burns More Fat

Big story on CNN, FOX, CBS and most media outlets this past week. A study says that exercising before breakfast burns more fat!  If fat loss is your goal, you’ll burn more if you exercise in a fasted state. That is why the great majority of my clients training in the early AM (5am to 8am). (We start as […]