Watch out for being too fit!

Finally, the news many people were hoping for…. 

Too much exercise could lead to you making bad decisions, study finds.
Before you say, “I knew it” and high-five your friends, It’s not what you think… 

1. The study only tested Elite Triathletes (that’s not many of us) 
2. A person who does a triathlon has non-stop activity for over 12-straight hours (ouch)
3. The constant impact from running is hard on the joints and can lead to increased pain and use of medications. magyar bukméker
4. Over-use will not allow the muscle tissue to repair causing low levels of Growth Hormone – which we learned from my Deep Sleep emails – will affect the Prefrontal Lobe (decision making) part of the brain.

There is very little that is relevant to 99. szerencsejáték tippmix 99% of the population.

The authors of the study mentioned that most people are not elite athletes and notated that this study has little to do with the average exerciser. legjobb online fogadóiroda  

Because this study focused only on elite athletes, the “brain fatigue” conclusions can’t be applied to the average person without more research, the group said. 

However, it is a catchy headline and I understand that media outlets would use “Study finds Too much exercise = Bad Decisions!” 

BTW, do we really think the biggest problem is that Americans are just becoming too fit? 

Forget about most Americans, how about you?  Are you too fit?

The right Exercise – Recovery protocol is unique for everyone but should contain:

1. Hydration – 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day (75oz if you weigh 150lbs)
2. Protein – should be consumed right after training – Pur Zealander – Grass Fed
3. Deep Sleep – need three (3) plus hours per night* of Deep/REM sleep (should be tracked)
4. Sugar/carbs/alcohols – slow down the recovery process
5. Omega Fat – Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Fish Oil will help cells repair  – Omega-3 is strongest

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