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Pat Mathews (Pat (48) weight loss roller coaster finally ended! )

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Pat Mathews – Like many, got busy exercised less and gain weight as he entered his 40s. Knowing that he needed to do something ablout it, hiot the gym, changed his diet and got accountable with great success. However, figuring he could do it on his own, dropped the accountability portion of his system and […]

Mary Friona-Celani (Mother of 4, former TV anchor, Blogger gets in shape for good)

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Mary Friona – Has spent a lot of time both in front and behind a camera. As a former TV reporter/anchor and current blogger ( she knows what it’s like to be social. Now, as a mother of four, she also knows what it’s like to be very busy. After trying all the diets, fitness […]

Kathy Rosenhaun (Decided there is always time to improve as she approached 70!)

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Kathy Rosenhaun – Doesn’t want to hear that fitness is only a young person’s game. Although she is not old, she’s not a kid either. She’s always been active and keeps a healthy mind-set, but that wasn’t enough. She needed the right kind of help with both her diet and fitness, along with scheduled accountability […]

Holiday Survival Guide

I don’t recommend you attempt to make no-carb Holiday meals – it will be disappointing and upset your guests. I recommend that you make whatever is consistent with your family traditions. If it’s a special holiday appetizer, main dish or dessert – have at it and enjoy! It’s not the time to worry about perfect nutrition. However, with the […]