Monthly Archives: January 2020

Dr. Derek – Get Fit Like Bono

Yes, I Dr. Derek like Bono and U2 – but that is not why I’m [...]

Food Friday – Get 10X Success

Did you know that Black Friday is a WATERSHED DAY?  Simply put: Clean Food and Low Insulin [...]

What are the best days for fat loss?

What day do you burn the most or least fat? It’s important to know so that [...]

Keto Diet Cheat Sheet – 2020

This past weekend I shared Keto vs. Paleo vs. IF Diet Cheat Sheet and I was blown away [...]

Dark January in WNY

The perception is that people blow their diet and gain fat over the holidays. And [...]

How to Get Rid of Excessive Fat???

Big question:  How do you effectively rid the body of excessive fat? Answer: Keep Insulin [...]

No Drift Zone

While I encourage fitness and proper eating EVERY Day, I can understand that for many, yesterday [...]