Dark January in WNY

The perception is that people blow their diet and gain fat over the holidays.

And many people do….

The US average is a gain of 5-lbs in women and 7-lbs in men between Thanksgiving and New Years.

However, in the 26-years I’ve been in this industry, and especially past 7-years that I’ve been tracking, it’s not December that I worry about – it’s January.

January in WNY is a strange month.

Yes, people have weight loss goals and healthy resolutions and many people try to improve but there is also the negative.

  • It can be extremely cold
  • It is very dark with lack of sunlight
  • It can seem like Spring/Summer are months away
  • Heavy clothes hide our bodies so we are less conscious
  • It’s easier to eat more when you’re cold

I believe all of this combined leads to acute depression in some individuals. And when you are depressed – you are NOT going to do things that are good for you (like fitness & the right diet). 

So how do we beat it?

  1. Identify that it’s a possibility so that you are more aware
  2. Have a plan – everything in life is easier with a plan than ‘Winging It.’  This includes diet & fitness
  3. Be accountable – Show up for yourself and others to take charge of your life

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