Keto Diet Cheat Sheet – 2020

This past weekend I shared Keto vs. Paleo vs. IF Diet Cheat Sheet and I was blown away with the response! I understand that people are looking to lose weight, drop body fat and improve their fitness with lasting results and in doing so, they are looking for the best diet for them. I attempted to cover all three popular methods (Keto, Paleo, IF) in a CBS TV interview this weekend and found it difficult if not impossible to provide an adequate summary in 3-minutes! tippmix foci eredmények  So, I thought a more reasonable way is to break in apart into manageable chunks. Here’s Keto: 

Keto was originally used in 1911 as an early treatment for epilepsy due to the fact that it can reduce inflammation within the body and brain. Keto is incredibly popular right now in the United States as a weight loss diet.   Internationally, it is popular but not to the same extent as in the US. as many European countries, especially northern European have been eating this way for years. The Keto diet consists of:

  • Ultra Low or no Carbs (0-5%)
  • Low to moderate Protein (15-25%)
  • Extreme and High Fat (70-80%)

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The way the Keto works is by limited and restricting carbs/sugars for an extended period of time, the body will begin to use fat for energy instead of glucose. In my practice, we have many people following Keto principles and depending upon the body fat of an individual, it typically takes 10-15 days to rid the liver of stored sugar and begin to use fat for energy. It’s not uncommon for someone to only drop water weight for a few weeks before any real fat dropping can occur. bukmeker  I used a DEXA scanner with my clients to ensure the most accurate measurements and to track success. Here is an example of a Dexa Scan: 

Here are the results of a DEXA scan. It can measure:

  • Fat weight
  • Bone weight and bone density
  • Lean Tissue weight
  • Measure each limb and body part individually to know ratio of fat/lean weight
  • Tracked over time for success

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Exercise should be done with a Keto diet for best results. People who exercise with both strength training and cardiovascular training while eating a diet that promotes Keto will:

  1. Burn more body fat
  2. Lose more fat weight
  3. Improve strength
  4. Improve bone density
  5. Have more energy
  6. Are more likely to continue eating better
  7. More likely to have long term success

Which Diet is BEST for you?

There are so many diets available, to decide which one is most suitable can be confusing. gaminator letöltése pc   

Do you have goals to:

  • Lose weight?
  • Drop Body Fat?
  • Improve strength?
  • Decrease pain and injury?
  • Reduce or eliminate medication?
  • All of the above and more?

It’s more than just a trendy diet – it’s a three (3) part process:

  1. The Right Exercise
  2. The Right Diet
  3. Track Progress for success

For best weight loss, body fat reduction and improved health:I have found that a blend diets works the best. Essentially, taking the most appropriate aspects of each diet and tailoring it for the individual.↠Click Here for a Private Consultation

It troubles me that each year more the 50% of the entire population start some type of diet or fitness program (so people have great intentions), but over 92% fail.I understand. It can be frustrating and confusing for individuals about the best place to start, when to progress, are results occurring and more. My goal is to help provide clarity, eliminate the clutter and create the best path for individuals to have long-term success, while tracking progress. Most common benefits are:

  • Being Healthy – (Reduce or eliminate medications if any)
  • Having Energy – consistent throughout the day
  • Having Strength – to do the work and activities you want
  • High Self/Body Image – looking the way you want
  • Feeling Good – feeling health and alive

Having these are the cornerstones to a great year and life…

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