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3 Tips & 10 Home Workouts to Improve Immune System & Reduce Stress

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I know it’s been a big week in the news: more controversy, more infections, more death, more fear, more restrictions, a $2 trillion stimulus package and a long list of questions and worries. People are stressed and scared.  It’s natural. However, how we deal with it is everything. While there are many strategies (probably too many to […]

Impossible Burger Review & Fat Loss

The Impossible Meat – the big hype all over the media.  Burger King Little Caesars White Castle Dunkin Donuts Tim Horton’s Even the grocery store. So is this just a clever way to be healthy and get more veggies into your diet? Yes and no. Let me explain…. Yes, these meat-substitute products will increase veggies into your diet: Potatoes […]