How to Get Rid of Excessive Fat???

Big question: 

How do you effectively rid the body of excessive fat?


Keep Insulin low.

Q. How do you keep Insulin low? gaminator

A. Many answers…..but here are the top 10!

  1. Eat a diet that is low Glycemic (avoid grains, starches, sugars)
  2. Strength train and build lean muscle
  3. Spread meals out to 4 to 5 hours in between meals
  4. Do not eat after dinner
  5. Take Omega-3 Cold Pressed Fish Oil in AM and PM (This is a -5 Glycemic Index!)
  6. Perform Cardiovascular training for 20-30 min after strength training
  7. Increase workout frequency
  8. Do low level mild cardio after dinner
  9. Keep alcohol to one day per week or less
  10. Drink Pur Zealand Grass Fed Whey Protein drink with ice cold water for breakfast

 Once again, there are many answers. But bottom line, when insulin is elevated, your body has no choice but to store fat. magyar kaszino online  When insulin is low and remains low for a period of time, you’ll burn stored fat at a rapid rate.

I could write (and have) an article about each of the top-10 bullets points above. gaminator bonus code email  

Instead, for clarity and effectiveness I will help explain it to you – personally in a private consultation with me, don’t forget to schedule one so you can get started!

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