No Drift Zone

While I encourage fitness and proper eating EVERY Day, I can understand that for many, yesterday may have been less than perfect – and that’s okay – even for high achievers. However, high achievers in any discipline (academics, career, athletics, fitness) differ from everyone else in one key area – they don’t let themselves DRIFT too long. működő sportfogadás stratégia  They are not in the Perfect Zone, they are in the NO DRIFT ZONE. For instance:

  1. December 25 was an OFF day
  2. December 26 is an ON day (No Drift)

The No Drift Zone means:

  • They have an off day (free day) – but they limit it to one and don’t drift too long
  • They travel for work or vacation – but they join a fitness club for a week
  • They attend holiday parties – but they don’t pick at poor foods for days
  • They don’t wait until a ‘perfect’ time – they see any time as ‘perfect’ if it moves them towards their goals
  • They don’t wait until they are unhealthy or unfit – they see every opportunity to stay fit and improve

 In the 25-years I’ve been in this business, individuals that ‘develop a routine and are accountable’ get the most out of their body, health, academics and career. It’s not about being perfect – it’s about consistency and working a good plan. nyerögépes játékok

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