Food Friday – Get 10X Success

Did you know that Black Friday is a WATERSHED DAY?

 Simply put:

  • Clean Food and Low Insulin Today = Weight Management for rest of week, month, year.
  • Poor Food and High Insulin Today = Weight Gain, craving and lethargy rest of week, month year.

 I’ve done this for a while and I understand the ease in which the wrong choices are available. I understand that many people are off today, so that it feels like an extended holiday. nyerögépes játékok ingyen letöltése  I get there are left overs, and you may have grown up with ‘leave nothing for waste’ approach to food. I imagine there might be friends and family in town or get together, dinners, social happenings, in which too many poor foods and beverages are offered and expected. tippmix élő fogadás  Yes, there is a strong pull – and I think you know that because you’ve experienced it all before. bet sportfogadás  But, there is also a way to not only survive this time, but to excel with long term success. Follow this 10 x Strategy:

  1. Wake up around regular times (try to resist sleeping in too long)
  2. Workout fasted – this is actually harder the day after over-eating.  You’ll want food even more.
  3. SG Grass Fed Protein post workout (mix with water)
  4. Breakfast about 2-hours later
  5. Drink plenty of water
  6. Lunch about 4-hours later
  7. Mid afternoon protein drink
  8. Balanced dinner (protein/veggies)
  9. Avoid dessert
  10. SG Molecularly Cold Pressed Omega Fish Oil before bed

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