Dr. Derek – Get Fit Like Bono

Yes, I Dr. Derek like Bono and U2 – but that is not why I’m wearing these blue light glasses.

Blue light is all over the news.

  • It can be bad if over abundant especially in the later part of the day.
  • It can cause problems before bedtime for someone who has difficulty sleeping.
  • It is a parent’s nightmare for tween and teens and their sleep schedule

However, blue light can also be helpful for weight loss, exercise and career productivity if used the right way. 

  • A dramatic increase in real energy (not a jittery stimulant like 5-Hour Energy or Red Bull)
  • An increase in attention and focus
  • A desire to begin workouts
  • A decease in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

It’s not a total solution by itself, but when used properly with the right diet, exercise and accountability is a game changer – huge improvement in your body, energy, mood, and happiness.

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