How to Eat Clean 7 Days This Week

Remember, it’s an INSULIN game.

Insulin is a very important hormone.

Its main job is to remove high amounts of dangerous sugar from our blood vessels.

If it doesn’t do its job, you will suffer vessel wall damage, organ damage (heart, liver, kidneys, brain) and most likely pass away very quickly.

When insulin increases it’s because it MUST in order to keep you alive.

And it predominately increases because it detects that your food/beverage intake is dangerous.

The visible signal that you are having elevated insulin is body fat.

If your body fat is high or increasing, it’s insulin.

While although I teach clients how to strategically succeed with this on a daily basis, let’s just focus our attention on the weekend/week day dilemma for now.

I understand that it’s not difficult to have a less than clean eating weekend.

It’s difficult at all times of the year and this time is no exception.

However, I do want to recommend a strategy to help prevent higher levels of INSULIN and hence, fat weight gain.  Beginning this Morning x 7 tips below: 

  1. Get to the gym and make your appointments (Strength training lowers insulin)
  2. Plan your meals – Post workout shake, breakfast (if any), lunch, dinner
  3. Eat protein/fats/veggies
  4. Avoid grains, starches, sugars
  5. Drink water, coffee or tea (Black, or heavy cream)
  6. Get to BED – you will sleep best with no food for at least 3-hours
  7. Repeat – Each day is slightly easier than Monday to eat well

This strategy should help you at least break-even at this time of the year, which is better than most (5-7lbs) of gain, the national average.

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