3 Moves for a Better Butt

The Most Important Part Of Your Body:

Glutes (butt), low back and hamstrings are the posterior chain

They help:

  • Support the spine
  • Prevent injuries of the low back
  • Improve posture
  • Strengthen the knee
  • Improve how you look
  • Burn a ton of fat!


  1. Reverse Penguins
  2. Ham bridges – Floor
  3. RDL – hands behind head 


  1. Reverse back hype
  2. Swiss Bridges
  3. RDL – loaded

(demo in the video)

Perform exercises in order or Super-Set

3 moves for better butt & hams (drop body fat)

We work this with my private clients to improve their posture, health and burn more fat.

(Check with me for individual recommendations)

If you’re ready to get personal recommendations on the best exercises and nutrition for you, schedule a consultation with me!

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