Are You a Fitness Snacker?

There’s nothing wrong with a snack – especially a healthy one.

It can provide energy, regulate your mood and sustain you until a meal.

But ‘Fitness Snacking’?

It’s where individuals nibble many different types of workouts, equipment, diets, fit bits, etc.

In fact, the statistics show that:

  • 72% of Americans have home fitness equipment, a fitness tracker, and/or participate in a walking program
  • Over 50% of Americans ‘try’ some kind of exercise program each year 
  • 36% of Americans belong to more than one gym, club, etc.

Sounds good, but…

  • Why are 71.6% of adults in US overweight or obese according to CDC?
  • Why are 86% of individuals not satisfied with their body?
  • Why is the average adult above age 50 on six or more medications?

It’s not from joining gyms, buying home fitness equipment, using Fit Bits or trying a diet!

It’s more than that…

I’ll always encourage fitness and positive behavior!

I think we’re moving in the right direction as a society.

At least people are thinking about fitness, the right diet and getting in better shape – this has improved from a few decades ago when I started my career.

However, fitness snacking is like food snacking….

While It can provide a short term fix – it is NOT A COMPLETE MEAL.

There is a time and place for snacking but not without a complete program.

Complete Program:

The way for lasting success with anything in life is the have a ‘complete system’

  • Joining yet another gym is not a complete system
  • Getting another piece of home fitness equipment is not a complete system
  • Trying a new diet trend is not a complete system

Complete System Here:

Now for most people, they either don’t know where to start or have tried before and not had success.

No worries, I can help you at a few different levels, read below.

Having a system is key – For My Private clients its:

1. Build metabolism with exercise

2. Control glucose with diet

3. Be accountable & track progress

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