Impossible Burger Review & Fat Loss

The Impossible Meat – the big hype all over the media. 

So is this just a clever way to be healthy and get more veggies into your diet? Yes and no. Let me explain…. Yes, these meat-substitute products will increase veggies into your diet:

  • Potatoes
  • GMO Soybeans

NOT exactly green beans and asparagus. 

First, potatoes are high starch and will cause an increase in both glucose and insulin. So, we want to limit or avoid potatoes in our diet in order to lose weight and drop body fat. 

Soybeans are much worse. Not only are soybeans difficult to digest and can affect thyroid function, they are also linked to increase estrogen and body fat. The increased estrogen can do more than just increase body fat, it can also increase cancer risk – especially breast cancer. najlepsze automaty online  The fact that it is GMO is even more troubling… In growing the genetically modified soy, Glyphosate which is a herbicide is used. “Glyphosate has been linked to a significantly increased risk of cancer, but the US Environmental Protection Agency says the herbicide “is not likely to be carcinogenic to humans.”  This doesn’t feel even remotely safe or what I would recommend ingesting. Soy and soy beans (which are very inexpensive) have been trying to find a purpose in the human diet for years. And each time it is reintroduced, it quickly falls out of favor due to it being highly controversial and unhealthy. 

Seeing the soy trend a few times in my career, it seems to me that this is another wave that is rolling out to millennials who were too young to remember this was a thing 25-30 years ago. It also plays to the emotions of a younger group that ‘Meatless’ is natural, humane and healthy – all used as powerful marketing. 

 I am all about increasing veggies in my diet and recommending it to my clients – but the right ones. Not GMO soybeans and potatoes. If meat is something you enjoy, I would recommend eating the REAL Burger (minus the bun).  How about over a bed of lettuce or on a salad? If you want to increase veggies, I approve. Just make it things like sprouts, spinach, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus, etc.!

Do you really think it’s the meat that is causing double digit increases in diabetes, obesity and other lifestyle diseases? Of course not. Its not the burger (meat) that is the cause of most obesity related problems, its the bun. automaty online legalne  The bun on most burgers is approximately equal to two to three pieces of bread. If you have two burgers, you’re close to a half of a loaf of bread. 

Furthermore, there are so many better ways to incorporate veggies into your diet. I am not a fan of fast foods. I think regardless of the franchise, they are lesser quality than food that you could buy at a grocery store and make at home. However, I do recognize that many of my clients are busy and on the run. And despite trying to prepare and plan foods, it’s possible to occasionally be caught without a viable choice. I do appreciate that some fast-food franchises are trying to improve. 

  • Fives Guys offers a near guilt free Lettuce Burger
  • In-N-Out Burger – Offers the Protein Style ‘Bun-less” Burger
  • Wendy’s offers – Dave’s Double as a lettuce wrap

Even if a fast-food restaurant doesn’t have a bun-less option, just ask for a plate and a fork and remove the bun/wrap yourself. When stuck at the Atlanta Airport I once ordered two breakfast wraps and scraped the egg and ham combo onto a paper plate, added Tabasco and ate it with a fork. 

Also, something that I teach to my clients during our diet workshop classes is that it’s okay to ASK the restaurant for options – even non fast-food places. Often, many of my clients will ask me if a dish comes with potatoes, or corn or something else that is loaded in high glycemic sugar how I’d handle it. My response is that I’ll ask for a substitute. 

For example:

  • Instead of the potato can you please substitute double asparagus?
  • Instead of the corn could you bring me a side salad?

Most restaurants want you to be happy and will get you what you want within reason. pokaż darmowe gry hazardowe  As I mentioned, I think you’ll always be able to prepare and eat higher quality foods yourself, but if your stuck, try one of those options instead.

For more information like this, make sure you check out all of my articles, I am constantly posting new information and new insights.

If you’re ready to learn about what health choices you can make to lose weight, drop body fat, and get in the best shape of your life, schedule a private consultation with me!

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