Ages 40 to 65: #1 Fitness TIP

What are your goals?

While there is no one cure for results, there is one common theme – “Routine”

For some, that word sounds boring and painful.

But it doesn’t have to be.

  • Brushing your teeth is a routine
  • Taking a shower is a routine
  • Washing your hands after you’ve been in public, before you eat, as often as possible is a routine

They are everywhere and they don’t have to be painful. 

In fact, they shouldn’t be.

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During consultations, I like to describe my program to individuals like school rather than a health club or fitness center.

School is made up a few distinct phases to attain a positive outcome. zakłady online sts

In the case of school, that would mean a passing grade.

Or if you are a high achiever, a high grade like an A.

The phases are:

  1. Class work
  2. Home work
  3. Evaluations

Each part breaks down into more detail, but I can save that topic for another time.

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Yes, you want the right kind of exercise. 

And people are starting from all different places:

(Beginner, intermediate, advanced, rehab injury)

Yes, you want the right diet.

And people have all different considerations:

(persons size, gender, activity level, disease, restrictions)

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But once you design the ‘right’ system – it needs to be a routine (consistent)

And this is where individuals need help.

Yes there will be days that it’s cold, snowy, dark.

Yes there will be times that you are tired, stressed, busy, unmotivated.

That’s everybody.

However, results happen when you do it anyway by sticking to your ‘Good Routine’


  • Lose weight
  • Become fit and healthy
  • Reduce and/or eliminate medications
  • Alleviate pain
  • Live the life with the energy that you want
  • All of the above

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