What’s the best bread alternative?

Coconut Wraps

Many people looking to lose weight and drop body fat are looking for better bread.

Specifically, a bread that won’t increase their blood glucose level.

The problem is that all grains significantly increase blood glucose levels.

But, what if we don’t use bread at all?

How about a wrap made from coconut?

(Watch video: I ate Coconut Wraps and this is what happened)

I found Coconut wraps and wanted to put them to the test.

I wanted to find out how much it affects my blood glucose.

When Were Wraps Invented?

The wrap in its Western form probably comes from California, as a generalization of the Mexican and Tex-Mex burrito, and became popular in the 1990s.

It may have been invented and named at a southern California chain called “I Love Juicy” in the early 1980s.

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The packaging reads:

Raw, Vegan, Paleo.

What does this mean to you?

Very little – ignore it.


  • Coconut meat (a fancy way of saying coconut)
  • Coconut water
  • Coconut Oil

Nutritional Label:

  • Protein – 1g
  • Fat – 5g
  • Carbs – 6g

The consistency feels waxy in nature.

If you were to put a liquid or oil on it, I do not believe it would absorb quickly.

But the good news is that it smells like bread.

Using the Dexcom G6 CGM (continuous glucose monitor) implanted into my shoulder, I measured my results.


  • Baseline Glucose: 104mg/dl
  • 20 min: 103 mg/dl down 1
  • 40 min: 105mg/dl – up 2 mg/dl
  • 90 min: 98mg/dl – down 6 mg/dl

*No major changes at all across time.

I’m impressed with how the Coconut Wrap has performed!


Taste: A-

Texture: C+

Performance: A

What does all this mean?

It is possible to have a good-for-you, low glycemic wrap.

However, it’s not a grain.

It’s made from coconuts!

They can be used to incorporate into a low glycemic index, and low insulin diet.

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