Fish Friday Spicy Shrimp and Fat Loss!


Happy Friday!

It sure seems that we’re getting closer to being able to return back to work and Dr. Derek Health & Fitness!

As I promised from day one of ‘NY State on Pause’, I will continue sending you workouts, recipes, sleep and motivational information.

We’ll get through this – we’re almost there!

Still I want you to know I’m here for you.

Something tells me the Shelter at Home Mandate is just the beginning.

We’ve seen a truly terrible virus attack the weaknesses in health.

Once we get through this initial wave, your assignment, and my hope is that you accept it, is to be the HEALTHIEST version of you possible.

If and when this or something else reoccurs, I don’t want any of you to become victim.

This was a scary warning.

As I have mentioned, written and exclaimed, poor nutritional choices (sugars/carbs) will injure and hurt your immune system almost instantly. 

So please make your dietary choices as low carb as possible, especially during this Covid-19 time and beyond.

Spicy Shrimp

From my book Cooking with Gold Download Here

(For those of you that already have the book, It’s on page 32-34)

For a buttery but healthy taste, cook it in Mac Oil (taste like Butter)

It will help you with weight control and to be healthy.


Strength Genesis Mac Oil is also perfect for all of your vegetable sides dishes as well!

Buy at discount: Strength Genesis Mac Oil

Remember, you are able to get all your supplements sent directly to your home at my website:

Strength Genesis

I hope these ideas and resources bring you value and insight during this critical time in history.

Please do your part in setting a positive tone during this time. 

Please stay safe, wash your hands, choose to develop more skill and insight, and care for those you love and yourself.

Let’s have a great week!

I hope this helps.  

​It is my pleasure helping improve your health & fitness!!

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