Revolutionary diet device or medieval torture – you decide….


The makers of a new dieting device are facing backlash as some users compare it to a medieval torture device.

It’s called DentalSlim Diet Control

And the creators are claiming it’s a breakthrough in weight loss especially for the most dire, without any lasting side effects.


Here’s how it works:

The tool, developed by researchers from the United Kingdom and the University of Otago in New Zealand, uses magnetic devices with unique custom-manufactured locking bolts that can be fitted to the upper and lower back teeth.

Creators Claim : A new weight-loss device that uses magnets to stop a person’s jaw from opening wide enough to eat solid foods.  An intra-oral device that restricts a person to a liquid diet, the university tweeted Sunday.

Dubbed the DentalSlim Diet Control, the device allows the wearer to open their mouth just 1/5 of a centimeter (2mm), while still allowing users to breathe normally. euro zaklady bukmacherskie online


The User Experience

Users complained of the occasional discomfort, and noted that “life, in general, was less satisfying.”

One participant even admitted to “cheating” by consuming melted chocolate and carbonated drinks.

“The participants had trouble pronouncing some words and felt tense and embarrassed ‘only occasionally,’” the article added.

“A world-first and world-last, I sincerely hope. This is a torture device and you should be embarrassed to be promoting it, let alone to be associated with it,” one user wrote. najlepsze gry hazardowe online


What does all this mean?

There is no limit on the amount of elaborate, painful and unnecessary methods the industry will introduce in the attempt to help people lose weight and get fit.

However, any solution that does not have consistent behavior change will be short lived at best. automaty online free

In the 27-years I have been in business as an exercise scientist and nutritionist, I have seen wide-spreed success across all different ages, genders, body types, orthopedic conditions and weight loss goals.

  • Even if you need to lose 30, 40, 50lbs or more…
  • Even if you have tried every piece of home fitness equipment, health club, diet, gadget or gizmo….
  • Even if you believe you have unique medical conditions that will prevent you from achieving results….

You do not need to torture yourself.

You need to do the Right Exercise, The Right Diet with Accountability – Consistently.

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