Check Your Fingernails!

Updated for 2022

Our bodies are always telling us something about our health.

I am usually preaching about blood glucose or insulin but this one is much more straightforward.

It’s your fingernails.

While toenails can also be a good indicator of trouble, the accuracy of your assessment will be higher with an evaluation of your fingernails.

Here are six common fingernail issues—and what they might say if they could talk.

1. Brittle Nails

Brittle nails can be a result of low protein.  Protein deficiency often leaves its mark on the skin, hair and nails, which are largely made of protein.

Another common cause: thyroid issues-particularly hypothyroidism.

You see, a sluggish thyroid slows down your metabolism, which then slows the production of perspiration, says New York City-based naturopathic doctor Serena Goldstein, N.D.

Less sweat leads to less moisture on the skin (and nails), which can cause dryness.

Solution: Add New Zealand Grass Fed Protein

2. Yellow Nails

Chronically yellow (but otherwise normal) nails may be related to underlying blood sugar issues.

Excess sugar in the body can lead to a process called protein glycation, which can break down collagen and cause nails to yellow.

Solution: Reduce carbs and sugars.  

Use High Octane MCT Oil to reduce carb cravings.

3. Nail Pitting

The term ‘pitting’ refers to shallow or deep depressions, holes, or pits in your nails.

They may even look like white spots or nicks.

Little pits scattered across the nail plate can result from any inflammatory skin disorder, the two most common being psoriasis and alopecia areata.

The same inflammation that causes hair loss in alopecia and rashes in atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and lichen planus can occur in the nail.

Solution: Contact a dermatologist 

4. Vertical Ridges

Ridges that appear vertically along the length of the nail (from the tip to the cuticle) are technically called longitudinal striations or bands.These vertical ridges are actually pretty common as we get older. zakłady bukmacherskie forum

As we age, cell turnover—the process in which new skin cells are produced and take the place of dead cells—slows.Eventually, this can affect the smoothness of our nails.

However, if those vertical ridges appear alongside symptoms like anxiety, swelling feet, or excessive urination, they may be associated with iron deficiency anemia.

Solution: If you suspect iron deficiency may be an issue for you, see your doctor.  Also, Increase your iron naturally with cage-free eggs. 

5. Horizontal Ridges

Ridges that run from one side of your nail to the other are known as Beau’s lines.

These horizontal ridges are associated with illnesses and conditions that suddenly slow or stop nail growth.

Common examples include chemotherapy, diabetes, and kidney conditions.

Solution: Contact your doctor

6. Dark Streaks

Black, dark brown, or reddish streaks beneath your nail may seem like quite the cause for concern.

However, they’re usually the result of a trauma to the nail, such as accidentally closing a door on your fingertips.

In these cases, the discoloration you see occurs when blood vessels under the nail bed break.

However, these dark streaks can be caused by health conditions, including psoriasis and endocarditis (an infection in the heart).

Black streaks may also be the result of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer

Solution: Contact your doctor

Since your nail health can say a lot about your overall health, it’s important to consult your doctor if you notice anything odd about the look or feel of your nails. 

Furthermore, it is of paramount importance to follow a diet that is high in quality proteins, omega-3 fats and low glycemic carbs.

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4 thoughts on “Check Your Fingernails!

  1. William F. Niver says:

    A while back I noticed cupping of the nails on both index fingers and several toes. I have had vertical striations for decades, as well as occasional dark streaks and small dots of discoloration. While researching, I found this site and its clear explanations and useful illustrations, and I brought my suspicions and your good analysis with me to my next PCP appointment.
    I like my doctor very much, so I was surprised when she was not all that persuaded by the cupping evidence, but as a concession she ordered blood work. Two days later I enjoyed a visceral sense of vindication: all my labs were normal… EXCEPT platelets (low), mean corpuscle diameter (high), red blood cells (low), coagulation rate (slow), plus Vitamin D and B-12 deficiencies. In other words, iron-deficiency leading to anemia, as your site and I had predicted.
    The anemia put an upcoming surgery date at risk. I started on supplements immediately, and, just a month later, I am washing up one morning and notice that my index fingernails have flattened! A subtle, but undeniable change. The iron pills were working.
    My doctor admits that had it not been for my insistence based on nail analysis, I probably would have had hernia surgery postponed, and that would have had a huge bad effect on my situation. In fact, that outcome was avoided, and my life improved demonstrably, because of what I learned at Alessifit.com. I am and shall remain seriously grateful. Today, my life is better because of the impact of your work, and I acknowledge and thank you.

    • alessi_admin says:

      I am glad this information served you well. Thank you for sharing your story! Please enjoy a special coupon for my nutraceutical supplement line at strengthgenesis.com. For a limited time, At checkout, Use code Holiday2022

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