It’s Like Eating 25 Slices of Pizza!

If you find yourself elbows-deep in a plastic pumpkin full of candy this year for Halloween – Hit the Breaks!!!

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are estimated to spend around $2.6 billion on candy annually, which equates to an average of $25.37 per person.

Not only that, but the average Halloween intake reportedly contains up to 7,000 calories, which is the equivalent of approximately:
25 slices of pizza
36 chocolate donuts!

So why do individuals find it so difficult to avoid sugar-laden Halloween candy?

It’s no mystery – sugar is highly addictive.

It activates the reward centers in the brain, which causes increased cravings and makes it much harder to stop eating.

In fact, much like other “addictions,” giving up sweets can cause a slew of sugar withdrawal symptoms, including:
Hot Flashes
Poor Sleep
and more, as you attempt to overcome your sugar addiction.

1) One is hard but zero is easy.

Like the Lays Potato chip Commercial – Bet you can’t eat just one…

Once you’ve succumbed to giving in, you are more likely to eat MANY!

Eating zero is easy.

No sugar addiction.

No dopamine receptor activation.

Just good clean nutrition.

2) Only buy what you don’t like.

This seems obvious but know your weaknesses.

Do not buy the candy you like – you’ll regret it!

3) Immediately get the garbage out of the house or office etc.

It’s not wasteful to throw away cigarettes. ingyen kockás nyerőgépes játékok

You know they are addictive and bad for you.

High fructose corn syrup is no different.

Be careful not to over-rationalize that you’ll behave yourself and rely upon willpower.

My first rule of willpower is:

Never Rely Upon Willpower!

If it’s not around, willpower is not needed.

Willpower does develop like a muscle over time but I do not advise relying upon willpower especially when you are either starting out or have been struggling with consistency.

Evaluation is Key:

It’s easy to try to avoid this but I can promise you, the DEXA scanner is the best thing you can measure for your overall health.

It’s in the best interest of your health to be successful.

Using the DEXA scanner on a monthly basis is the single biggest tool I have ever witnessed to help keep people on track.

It immediately improves behavior and focus.

This groundbreaking technology is available to you here and a few other places nationwide.

I invested in this and incorporated it into your program to help you achieve the success you’ll have nowhere else.It is that meaningful.

My hope is that each day becomes easier and more effective than the previous and I know that it will – if you stay with it and continue to develop the skills.It’s 25 slices of pizza!

I’m in your corner routing for you. tippmix szelvény ellenőrzése

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