Can a Potato be Low Glycemic?

Is there such a thing as a Low Glycemic Potato?

A client gave me a Nicola Potato.

Never heard of a Nicola Potato?

A beautiful golden yellow inside and out, Nicola has a mild nutty flavor and is great for baking, boiling or roasting. hrat automaty online zdarma The flesh is firm and holds up well in soups and salads. A low glycemic index means it’s great for low-carb diets. kasyno online darmowe spiny bez depozytu Shows good resistance to scab and drought.

But how Low Glycemic is it?

Let’s find out (Watch video of Eating and Glucose)

Eat Potato
Scan CGM
Measure Glucose 10 min
Measure glucose 40 min

Using a continuous monitoring glucose device implanted into my shoulder, I measured my results… •Before eating – glucose 93

•10 min after eating – glucose 87

•40-min after eating – glucose 122

•60-min after eating – glucose 120

This raised my glucose 35mg/dl

The University of Sydney has the largest and most respected glycemic index tool online.

Search Glycemic Index

They have Nicola Potatoes listed as 58-69 mg/dl

I teach clients to never go above 40mg/dl and I personally try to never go up more than 20mg/dl.

Doing so will cause a large insulin release, and we all know what that means…

•Higher Body Fat

•More inflammation of joints and blood vessels

•More future carb cravings

This was not a shocker.

I gained 35mg/dl of glucose and it stayed up for a long time.

Even though I have been doing this for decades, food is an extremely large topic and there are always new and interesting discoveries. totalizator sportowy zakłady online Always work on keeping your insulin levels low!

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