Breaking Down the Meal Timing Hype

‘Meal timing’ right now is as hot of a topic as:

  • ‘Keto’ 
  • ‘Low carb’
  • “Intermittent fasting”
  • H.I.I.T. Training
  • And others

Meal timing DOES make a huge difference – when it comes to dropping fat. How much so? It can DOUBLE your fat loss speed if done correctly. It’s all about your “INSULIN LEVEL” throughout the day. ماكينات القمار   

  1. Eat too often = High insulin and you’ll have a hard time dropping fat
  2. Eat too seldom = Increased cravings and bad choices

What is the perfect number? It depends – but I am seeing many people having explosive success with three to four meals a day. 

  1. AM workouts
  2. Post workout protein (immediately following workout)
  3. Breakfast – (2 1/2 hours later)
  4. Lunch (4-hours later)
  5. Dinner (4-hours later)


To learn more about meal timing for your success, schedule a consultation with me!

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