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Chris Diamond drops 30lbs as he approaches 50!

Chris Diamond – Works full-time, married, two kids, and a dog, things are crazy! However, [...]

Pat Mathews (Pat (48) weight loss roller coaster finally ended! )

Pat Mathews – Like many, got busy exercised less and gain weight as he entered [...]

Justin Santonocito (Former Athlete needed a lifestyle program with the right diet as he gets older )

Justin Santonocito – Relied upon being an athelete when he was younger to stay in [...]

Jeff Conrad (Overcoming an injury and poor doctor’s check-up)

Jeff Conrad – 45-years old, works full-time, wife works full-time and has a 10-year old, [...]

Craig Samuda (52) Busy Executive Loses Weight – Diet & Strength

Busy working executive who put his health last. He wanted an intelligent plan to get [...]

Jamie Miller Drops 50 & golf!

Drop fat & improve golf? The fact is, you can – and rapidly! This week [...]

Dr. Derek Makeover – dropped 85!

  Many people think I’ve always been in shape. Never struggled with my weight Always Athletic [...]

Chef Binks Makeover – mid 40’s!

Chef Binks takes it off! Chef Binks needed a makeover. He was a classically French [...]