Breakfast – NOT the Most Important Meal of the Day

60+ years of hearing breakfast was the most important meal of the day – is now under attack.

11-studies written in NEWSWEEK find that any evidence of this was initiated by the cereal industry.

In fact, other meals seem to be more important for weight control and health

#1 meal of day for weight control and health.

Many people contact me for assistance with their goals. They range in age from 8-94 years old, however the majority are (40-75 years old) Most want to drop fat, improve health & get fit with lasting success. tippmix eredmények mai foci ​​​​​​​ This year can be your best year ever – if you do the right things! tippmix bukméker tippek  

It’s not about:

  • Dieting
  • Health clubs
  • Counting calories
  • Home fitness equipment

It is about:

  • Intelligently planing the right exercise
  • Eating Nutritious foods
  • Accountability with consistency

Now it’s your turn & I’ll help….

  • Fitness Recommendations & ​Diet Recommendations
  • Pain management & reduction
  • Medication reduction and/or elimination
  • Mobility Improvement
  • Extend Quality of Life
  • Accountability to track success

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