Sleep Off the Fat & Live Longer

Yes, I am fanatical about sleep quality.

I have spent the last 30-months studying and tracking sleep.

Not all sleep is the same:

  • Most adults spend over 50% of their time in light sleep
  • Deep sleep is needed for muscle to repair and increasing metabolism
  • REM sleep is needed for memory retention

And the biggest impact on sleep?

  1. Daily nutrition
  2. Total body fat percentage
  3. Exercise (if any)

This is a huge topic and I will try to break it down as simply as I can.

If you want to explore the impact of sleep quality, diet, weight loss, injury – Now is the time:

  1. Evaluate a starting point
  2. Determine injuries, limitations and level
  3. Design a BLUEPRINT recommendation path (diet & exercise)
  4. Practice consistency
  5. Track Progress

Learn the process yourself with results with lasting success

This IS the best time of year for adults to get into shape – not January resolutions

My Clients:

They range in age from 8-94 years old, however the majority are (40-75 years old).

Many work full-time, are busy & have tried many things (health clubs, diets, trainers, home equipment) to lose weight & get healthy- to no avail. Most want to drop fat, improve health & get fit with lasting success.  This year can be your best year ever – if you do the right things!  It’s not about:

  • Dieting
  • Health clubs
  • Counting calories
  • Home fitness equipment

It is about:

  • Intelligently planing the right exercise
  • Eating Nutritious foods
  • Accountability with consistency

Now it’s your turn & I’ll help….

  • Fitness Recommendations & ​Diet Recommendations
  • Pain management & reduction
  • Medication reduction and/or elimination
  • Mobility Improvement
  • Extend Quality of Life
  • Accountability to track success

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