Immune Booster and weight loss (Rx)

I wanted to make sure you had this prescription for an Immune System Booster and an effective way to lose fat weight.

A client asked me last week:

“I understand that we’re waiting for a vaccine, but why aren’t any of the top experts recommending what we can do on our own to improve our immune system and reduce the risk of COVID?”

I thought that was an excellent question.

And while a vaccine is eventual and necessary, why play ‘Russian Roulette’ with your health waiting? melyik fogadóiroda a legjobb

Here are my Immune Boosters Recommendations.

As an added bonus, it will help you to lose weight, drop body fat, reduce or eliminate medications and live your best life. sportfogadás stratégia

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  • Workout at least 3x/wk
    • Increases blood flow = more oxygenation of blood, removes cellular debris
    • Increased respiration = increased white cell activity
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  • Avoid sugar/carbs
    • Sugar = compromised cell activity = poor immune system
    • Higher insulin = more inflammation
  • Limit or avoid alcohols
    • Alcohol consumption = less deep sleep
    • Higher insulin
    • More body fat gain
    • Compromised immune system
  • Increase Omega-3 Fats
    • Decreases cellular inflammation
    • Increases efficiency of the endocrine system
    • Promotes heart health, brain health, organ health
    • Use Cold-Processed Omega-3 every day
  • Take Garlic
    • Strong and natural antibiotic – Russian Penicillin
    • Lower blood pressure, blood sugar and triglycerides
    • Helps burn body fat
    • Use Allicin Garlic at least once and up to three times per day.
  • Drink water
    • So many reasons
    • Improves cellular hydration
    • Improves cellular repair and strength
  • Eat fewer calories
    • Increase sirtuins gene activity = longevity gene
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  • More time needs to be spent in Deep Sleep rather than Light Sleep
    • Avoid eating/drinking sugar/carbs/alcohols within 60-min of bedtime
    • A consistent schedule of wake-up/bed
    • Avoid Blue light within 60-min of bed
    • Use a weighted blanket
    • Keep the room cool

*According to William Seeds MD in his book Peptide Protocols: Keeping these systems working in tandem to protect and fight against something as nasty as COVID-10 requires that we feed our cells optimally.  This is why nutrition, exercise and high-quality sleep are so important: they give the cells of the immune system not just adequate sources of energy, but preferable nutrition.

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This is part of the whole system. lóverseny fogadóiroda

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